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  1. 'Employee background screening becoming an extremely serious process in India'
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'Employee background screening becoming an extremely serious process in India'

Iso Liec l Certified Organization With. Read More……. With Smart Verification Technology! A Pinch of Protection is always better than a pound of Cure. Employee Background Screening.

Background Verification Services

Read More…. Credit Verification.

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Vendor Due Diligence. Cab Driver Verification.

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  • 'Employee background screening becoming an extremely serious process in India' - The Week.
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House Keeping Staff Verification. Psychometric Analysis.

Our Services

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And, Verifitech the following general reference check questions templates: Basic — For clients in high turnover sectors, hiring younger, temporary or first-time workers. Standard — For clients filling entry level positions Investigative — For clients hiring professorial, supervisory or specialized positions.

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Executive — For clients having the highest levels of management. Verifitech offers industry specific templates, that make it easy to hire the right people the first-time round.

Fast and Accurate Background Verifications in Mumbai India

Experts of the industry vouch that outsourcing these processes to background verification companies is a safer and securer way of ensuring that the workforce you hire is trust worthy, is compliant and does not come with any legal, criminal or terrorist history or links. Our in-depth knowledge of the background screening process and wide reach across industry sectors makes Seven Consultancy your best partner for employee background check With focus on innovation, Seven Consultancy functions on a smart technology solution which makes the end-to-end process error-proof and speed-oriented.

Employee Background Verification Services comprises of the following checks.

This is The Process Of All Companies in India To Check Background Verification of Employee For Job ?

We are known as leading complete Background Verification Company in Mumbai. Backoffice India has great expertise in this field - Effectively the Screening can be completed faster and with better quality output. Outsourcing to Backoffice India gives the organization more time to strengthen their core business process. Outsourcing specificsections of your screening procedure would assist you to shift certain tasks to Backoffice India — which being a specialist, can plan your risk-mitigating factors better.

Outsourcing to a Backoffice India can help you cut staffing and operational expenses to an immense degree.