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Upon achieving success in the world of beauty pageants, she started off in her career as an actress. She has starred in over 50 different films in the Philippines and has done countless appearances on television. During , she got herself in a very huge controversy when she won, though by cheating, the Best Actress Award for Loretta in the Twentieth Metro Manila Film Festival.

The story rocked the film industry. The award was meant for Aiko Melendez, one of her good friends. The error was corrected a couple of days after. Ruffa married a Turkish businessman named Yilmaz Bektas in At first, their marriage seemed to be perfect and golden, as their union resulted with two children and Ruffa staying in Istanbul, Turkey, where her husband resides in.

She had even converted to the Islamic faith. That was until accusations of horrible abuse such as being electrocuted in the bathtub, continuously being beaten for fifteen hours straight, being locked up in the cabinet for hours at a time, and so on. Yilmaz retaliated by denying the torture, though he confirmed that he indeed slapped her once. This, after he learned that she was previously married. But the accusations did do much to tarnish their four-year marriage, and they came to a mutual agreement of ending it all together on May Since then, she has reconverted back to her Christian faith and came back to the Philippines to continue her showbiz career and to take care of her kids.

She claimed that Bektas has been threatening them for some time now, so she requested protection from the police force, which was granted for a month. This would be close to a total impossibility since Annabelle Rama has publicly stated that she does not want to see Bektas. Supposedly, a temporary replacement, Kris has announced her resignation from the show, so Ruffa becomes a permanent host from now on.

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Posted by Noel at Friday, October 26, Labels: Filipino celebrities. When the media people first asked General Razon who was Valeroso, he said that he was not a police officer.

At that time, the police and the government were still denying that Lozada was with them. Why did he not present his current ID?

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Interestingly, Senator Biazon said during the Senate hearing that one of the men who took custody of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino at the airport actually inside the airplane was a certain Valeroso. And this guy is still at large. As everyone knows, Ninoy was killed right at the tarmac.

Another telling point is that the escorts of Lozada did not have a particular destination. They were going around Metro Manila and its environs while all the time waiting for instructions. Only after around 6 hours of driving around did the escorts receive orders to let go of Lozada because the media was making so much noise. If this was a legitimate operation as averred by the government, why did Valeroso present an old ID?

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And why was Lozada being driven around in circles, as it were. There should have been a specific safe house where Lozada could rest and meet his family. Does this mean that the police do not recognize the Philippine Senate? From Sec. Secretary Neri depended on him, who was not even a consultant of NEDA, to evaluate multi-million dollar projects.

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What are the NEDA people for then? My, my! A multi-million dollar projects was based on figures from a tabloid?!! In fact, it actually approved it later! They should all be ashamed of themselves. Lozada blamed the political appointees for the terrible state of affairs in government agencies.

I beg to disagree with Mr. And they, too, do not know anything about their jobs. But once inside, they are protected by the Civil Service. And these bureaucrats, sooner or later, become agency heads, too depending on how good they suck up to the powers that be.

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Previously, Mr. And he revealed later that Mr. Neri and the government thought that they had a great script. He was given the post of Chair of the Commission on Higher Education. After watching him at the Senate hearing, I knew he was just a common bureaucrat. And now that Mr. Neri was exposed as nothing but a government stooge. This means that government supplies, he said, were not need-driven but supply-driven. This has been the case for ages. Lozada also told the Senate that he knew about the Southrail project, which would connect Calamba, Laguna to Matnog, Sorsogon in Southern Luzon by rail.

He however denies that there was any overprice. She ended up destroying hers. She wanted to get hold of Mr. In case something happens to him, his family would reveal that affidavit — both written and recorded. But Legarda persisted. Worse, she would not even address Mr. Lozada directly, but kept on addressing the Chair.


In the second round of questioning, she was forcing Lozada to tell the Senate what Secretary Neri told him in confidence. Lozada again politely refused. I am still perplexed as to the real reason why Lozada came out with these revelations. It was very easy for him to deny everything. There is absolutely no paper trail that could track him down. He was not even officially connected to NEDA.

He kept on saying that he wanted the death threats to stop. But who would give him death threats? Why would government officials do that? He seemed to think that the death threats came from the Abalos camp. But why would Abalos do that?

If Lozada would talk, Abalos would be implicated further. Unless, Abalos wanted to drive Lozada up the wall until he reveals everything to the Senate.

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This way, Abalos may go down but so would the others. The saga of Jun Lozada continued Monday Feb.

The gang leader was Dept. Lito Atienza. He started the ball rolling by demanding that he speak first. Blue Ribbon committee chair Alan Peter Cayetano told him that he is scheduled to be the third speaker. But he insisted that he speak first.