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Looking at a span of shootings can help agencies understand what events and circumstances lead to an officer firing his gun.

The proliferation of bodycams in law enforcement nationwide has heightened the awareness level of officer-involved shootings. More emphasis is placed on what actions are made during those critical moments since supervisors have the ability to scrutinize the shooting after the fact.

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And when footage is released to a family involved or to the public, community members also have the added ability to see how events unfolded and draw their own conclusions. The proposal signed into law in came after Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, was fatally shot by Michael Slager, a former North Charleston police officer. The Anderson County Sheriff's Office did not have any of its deputies equipped with bodycams before Ten AXON body cameras were purchased on a trial-run basis until the department can secure additional funding and decide which model to use.

Only in-car dash camera footage exists for certain shootings along with any cellphone videos that may have been taken and collected as evidence in those prior Anderson County shootings. Alexander Chance Partain, 31, was killed Nov. Authorities at the time said Partain fled from deputies in a vehicle until he stopped, got out and ran into a wooded area.

A deputy followed him and a struggle ensued until the deputy fired gunshots, striking Partain. A personal representative of Partain's estate filed a lawsuit against the Anderson County Sheriff's Office in April The suit argues Partain had the constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Kyle White, a defense attorney in Anderson County, has handled several shooting and use-of-force cases between law enforcement and those seeking justice through civil litigation.

To argue excessive force in civil complaints, the courts have to evaluate the severity of the crime, the person's resistance to law enforcement and whether the person poses immediate danger, White said. Most are putting their life on the line and are to be commended," White said.

Lethal Force: Anderson County Sheriff's Office ranks 2nd in SC for police shootings

McBride said people find ways to sue government agencies for many things today. He said civil litigation doesn't bother him, even when the county pays out a settlement based on the outcome of a shooting case. Jonathan Chad Christian, 36, was shot Dec. He had a brick in his hand when deputies responded to his home on South Main Street in Anderson.

Family members have said Christian suffered from a mental illness. Christian died of health complications in August He had become paralyzed from the chest down following the shooting. The family's attorney, Greenville-based lawyer Wesley Few, said Christian never fully recovered from the shooting. Christian filed a lawsuit against the deputies involved in the shooting and the Sheriff's Office as a whole in July , before he died.

The lawsuit was moved to the U.

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District Court of South Carolina where it was later dismissed in The suit states that deputies had been called to the home after Christian's father reported that Christian assaulted him. Deputies had already been to the home earlier in the day when it was reported that Christian had been running out in front of traffic several times, the suit states.

In that earlier encounter with deputies, Christian retreated inside a camper by the house and the deputies left without making an arrest or filing a report. Deputies had shouted for Christian to "show your hands" when deputies approached him in his garage during the second encounter that led to the shooting.

Anderson County sheriff concerned over overcrowding issue at jail

When Christian raised his hands, he was holding a brick in close proximity to the deputies at which point one deputy fired a gunshot that struck Christian in the back left shoulder, the suit states. The complaint argues that deputies were not following their general orders for how to deal with emotionally disturbed persons including those with mental illnesses.

More Anderson County deputies are now undergoing mental health training through the National Alliance on Mental Illness now than ever before, McBride said. NAMI's Crisis Intervention Team training is considered to be the best mental health training available for law enforcement, experts say.

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Its largest city and oldest city is Charleston. Because of state FOIA laws, civil, family, traffic, and criminal records are all public to the people of Charleston. The largest city in the county is Myrtle Beach.

Criminal records, civil records, court records and more are available to the public by law. The sixth largest county in the state is Lexington, which holds its county seat in the city of Lexington.

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Public records here are available to the citizens of Lexington by law. York County is the seventh largest county. Last Name:. Nov 6, am 'Everybody got money except me:' How alleged benefits scams duped investors - Greenville News. Oct 31, pm Police went to York home to arrest father. They arrested dad and son on drug charges - Rock Hill Herald. Oct 14, am Former Chester jailer twice had sex with inmate, possessed illegal fentanyl, cops say - Rock Hill Herald.

Anderson County, SC Warrants and Arrest Records - South Carolina Arrests

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Jun 21, am In SC, pregnant girls as young as 12 can marry. There've been child brides in 20 years.

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