Drivers daily vehicle inspection report template

What is a DVIR?

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  • Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Safety Manual.

Industry: Transportation. This pre-trip inspection checklist app collects inspection information and reports on any issues detected.

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It has a daily email report of truck issues, trailer issues and a weekly report of unresolved issues. Dashboard highlights truck and trailer issues, and groups the issues by severity level—Dangerous, Serious and Moderate. Once the issue is resolved, you can easily mark it as Resolved with a slider. Trucks view has all trucks. Click on one truck to see all related inspections and maintenance.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

Due view shows vehicles' inspection due dates on a calendar. In all instances, the driver shall sign the report. On two-driver operations, only one driver needs to sign the driver vehicle inspection report, provided both drivers agree as to the defects or deficiencies identified. If a driver operates more than one vehicle during the day, a report shall be prepared for each vehicle operated.

The rules in this section shall not apply to a private motor carrier of passengers nonbusiness , a driveaway-towaway operation, or any motor carrier operating only one commercial motor vehicle. The report must include, at a minimum, the following parts and accessories:.

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  • Agencies Cracking Down on Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports!
  • Bus Driver's Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Book;

Maintenance relies exclusively upon the diligence of the drivers. Vehicles are not subject to regular routine checks and servicing.

Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Safety Manual

Vehicle documents are audited to check that they have been serviced appropriately. Drivers are not held accountable for daily vehicle inspections.

Transportation Vehicle Inspection Checklist - US Requirements - The "CHECKER"® How-To Guide

Regular safe driving communications to remind staff of the importance of timely servicing.