Massachusetts forms for uncontested divorce

How Do I File for Divorce in Massachusetts?

There is also a Separation Agreement for people without minor children. The petitioning spouse must file a Complaint for Divorce.

After the Complaint is filed, the court issues a Summons to the filing party, who must then "serve" it on the other person. This service requirement ensures that the defendant spouse is aware that a lawsuit is pending and that he or she has been named as a party. Massachusetts law permits parties to serve papers through sheriff, constable, personal delivery, or mail. Regardless of which service method you choose, however, the court must receive proof of service before the case can proceed.

Once the recipient spouse has been served, he or she has 20 days to file an Answer.

Massachusetts Divorce Forms | Uncontested Divorce Info

Regardless of how you file, your divorce can't be complete until you've waited the requisite time:. Massachusetts is an equitable distribution state. State law requires judges to consider the following factors when dividing property in a divorce:. Massachusetts domestic relations law permits either spouse to petition the court for alimony , which is also referred to as spousal support.

Although Massachusetts is a no fault state, the courts can consider the behavior of either spouse while awarding alimony, in addition to other factors. In any divorce that includes children, courts take great care to address the needs of the couple's children. There are several custody arrangements available under Massachusetts law.

When deciding which arrangement will best serve the child's interests, courts consider the following factors :. Massachusetts requires both parents to contribute to the financial security of any minor children.

Online Divorce in Massachusetts

Using guidelines set forth in the family law code, the court considers each parent's income, as well as other contributions to the child's economic well-being. The Massachusetts government publishes a free child support calculation worksheet on its website so parents can get an idea of how much they are likely to pay.

Online Massachusetts Divorce Service:

A divorce is always a big decision. In many cases, deciding to end your marriage is an important step toward claiming a more promising future. Massachusetts Divorce Details. Residency There's no minimum in-state residency requirement if at least one spouse was living in Massachusetts when the marriage broke down.

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Grounds If you and your spouse have differences that you can't resolve, you qualify for no-fault divorce. Filing Your Massachusetts Divorce The steps for filing your uncontested Massachusetts divorce are as follows: Review and sign the completed documents. The judge signs the Judgment of Divorce finalizing your divorce.

Getting Your Divorce Finalized In an uncontested divorce, the judge usually signs the Findings of Fact and Decree of Dissolution finalizing the divorce days from the date the divorce was filed.

You have qualified to use DivorceWriter to complete your Massachusetts divorce papers online. Massachusetts Help.

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